Our Process

Successful execution of any project starts with having an expert on your side who understands your organization’s specific needs.

Since 2010, FlexPoint Health has been providing contract rate intelligence to hospitals, physician groups, and provider-sponsored health plans throughout the United States. We know which strategies work best to help our clients find the data they deserve.

Our contract rate intelligence shows exactly how much each insurance plan reimburses each provider in any given market. You determine how much data you want, and we will deliver.

When we begin work with an organization, we follow a few clear steps to get you what you need. Full project completion can take as little as two to six weeks, and we conduct the first step at zero cost to you and in under a week’s time.


Our claims data procurement process adheres to the highest level of ethical, legal, and privacy guidelines.

FlexPoint Health procures 100% of its claims data directly from patients, who have a legal right to review their information under HIPAA and who have a legal right to provide that information to FlexPoint. We do not obtain any information through any agreement with, or directly from, any healthcare providers or insurance plans. Our product does not violate antitrust laws as long as the purchaser of our data uses it for its own use such as internal analyses, discussions, and negotiations with insurers, providers, employers, and other parties. Purchasers of our data may not share the information with competitors or use such information to join with competitors in any type of pricing collaboration. Unilateral action by a single provider or insurer does not violate Section 1 of the Sherman Act.


Our style is to discretely perform our work in any market. All of our advertisements to recruit patients are branded with our name and it is never disclosed to patients the identity of organizations to whom we supply our data. Nobody will ever know that we are working for you except for our executive team. Further, we do not disclose which other healthcare providers or health plans have utilized our services.

Who We Serve

Hospitals and Physicians

As a hospital or physician group, lacking reliable data can hurt your efforts to negotiate for more competitive reimbursement rates.

Insurance Plans

As a provider-sponsored health plan, your top priority is to improve competitive posture within your market.

Understand your goals

Whether you’re looking to gain an edge for negotiations, entering a new market, or simply just want to know exactly how your rates compare with your competition – understanding your strategy is a core part of our process.

Define The Scope

Whose contract rates do you want to know? Which hospitals, physician groups, and insurance plans do you want to profile? Are you only interested in select procedures like CT or MRI? Or, are you interested in the entire inpatient and outpatient contract rate sheet?

Propose Our Stategy

We have served clients in small towns, medium-sized cities, and metropolitan areas across the United States. To develop an approach that will be most effective and efficient, we will perform our due diligence and familiarize ourselves with local market demographics, ultimately customizing a specific strategy to meet your need.

Run Our Playbook and Generate Results

FlexPoint will launch an advertising campaign to reach the patient population. All of our advertisements to reach patients are branded with our name. Patients respond to our ads by calling our own internal BBB-accredited call center, which is comprised of healthcare industry experts and available 7am to 11pm, 7 days per week. Our team screens callers to determine if their medical visits meet our data needs. If so, we compensate the patient with monetary payment immediately upon receipt of their insurance EOB and other claim documentation. We examine the patient claim documentation to determine the contractual reimbursement rates, summarize our findings, and report the results directly to you.